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Front-end Developer – Amsterdam

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What are you going to do?

In this role you are responsible for the website. You are closely involved with the product. Together with your colleagues you are working on the further development of the front end of Between sprints, you do refinements and search for new opportunities, tools and techniques to improve the product. You also continuously search for ways to improve the software development process. Your main tasks exist of:The further development of the website.

Continuously looking for improvements together with the team.Collaborating with other teams.

Gaining and sharing knowledge to improve yourself and the team.


Job requirements

You have demonstrable experience with Webpack, Nodejs, Typescript, Vue, CSS Preprocessors, SSR, GraphQL and Docker.

You are familiar with and write code according to the MDN Web Technology References.

You always keep SEO, Accessibility, Responsive Design and browser compatibility in mind.

You are able to perform a Site Performance Analysis and optimize Performance

You are able to translate business goals into solutions in an architecture.

You work agile, test-driven, consistent and with an eye for detail.

You are a team player with good communication skills.


Dick Iskandar +31 611143074 or


Dick Iskandar +31 611143074 or